Like I was saying....


Haircuts are usually a good thing.

Mine is fairly easy to do. I can even do it myself with the proper tools, but it always looks like I did it then. I just got one. Paid $14 bucks for it. But there was a $2 tip in there. I used to pay $12 and think I was tipping two dollars then too. But the price went up to $12 and I never even knew it. What is a good tip to give your barber? Does it depend on how often you go in for a cut? Does it depend on how much you actually get cut off? Does it depend on if you like the guy or not?

How much (if any) do you tip?


  1. giddy

    My hair is cut by the OWNER of the salon who one isn't supposed to tip, so I give them only ten percent. Otherwise, fifteen percent is considered a decent tip in this town. I saw one of the wealthiest guys in town tip his "stylist" a quarter a few years ago! No wonder he had such money.

  2. Jay

    I give a dollar. Hey with 10-10-220 would needs more than that?!? 🙂

  3. yafreax

    5 bucks for a 25$ haircut cause i only go once every 4 – 6 months and so she always has a lot to cut… and i've known her forever so i like to be nice… but i'd probably only give 1 or 2 bucks if i went somewhere else.

  4. brad waden

    i am a college student so i tip 5 percent. i usually give 50 cents so they can go get a coke or something. thanks.

  5. albert garrett

    i hate haircuts. im 75 years old and every time i get a hair cut i want to rip the guys head off. he always leaves a mullet on the back of my head. i even ask him to level it off in the back. he is the only hair cutter within 2 miles of here, so i can't go any where else. i usually tip 5 cents and if he wants more. he can kiss my sorry ass.

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