Like I was saying....

Hi, my name is Blake. And I’m a Facebook junkie.

Not really. But I can see how people can be. I remember when I first heard of it. And it seemed the new thing in college circles. But it was a closed circle. You had to have a college email address and mine had LONG since expired.

I did look at it a few times here and there after it expanded to the high school scene. Someone would log in and let me look over their shoulder. But I did the other social networking site. I got myself a MySpace. And I thought it was cooler. It had music and everything w/ it. And it seemed to have a lot of people involved with it.

But then someone told me that Facebook was open now. Wide open. And I signed up a couple of months ago. And I see how people could spend inordinate amounts of time on there. My previous assumptions of Facebook being more high school and MySpace being more college wasn’t true. Facebook seems to have tons of both. And more and more people adding every day. Even “old” guys like me.

But it is a great way to be able to keep up w/ people. And to connect with students in their world too.


  1. Tim

    I have facebook (as you know), but don’t really spend that much time on it. I really only use it to keep up with friends I normally wouldn’t be in touch with on a regular basis.

  2. Blake

    I’ve found that it’s one of the main ways I keep up with the students here outside of face to face at the church. Are many of your students on it?

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