Like I was saying....

Holy Cow! What a game.

Last night the #6 Mississippi State Bulldogs traveled to Columbia, SC to take on Rick’s favorite Gamecocks of USC. There were many, many Bulldog fans thinking this would be the toughest game left on our schedule. I thought we would win the game, but it would be tough to do so. I wasn’t able to listen to the game because of some duties at church. But I was able to sneak out and catch the score here and there in the 2nd half.

Up 4 with 15 min left. Down 6 with 10 min left. Down 8 with 8 min left. Down 12 with just under 6 min left. I was able to start listening with 4 min left. Down about 8 or so. Then Winsome Frazier goes off and steals, rebounds, lays up, and scores a few shots. The Bowers hits a 3 to bring it back w/in 3. Then it’s nip and tuck. Then we’re down 3 with 11 seconds. Bowers takes the ball, runs up to a gamecock and pops a big time 3 in his face to tie the game.

Dogs win in OT. We’re now 20-1, 9-1 in the SEC. We might be good this year. We go to Bud Walton Arena this weekend, were we’ve never won, to take on the Arkansas Pigs.

Can we do it?

Oh, here’s a picture of Rick at the ballgame after the loss.

Some game stories
From the Clarion Ledger
From The Greenville News
From The State (Columbia’s paper)


  1. jeremy

    rick looks young

  2. rick

    not really me – stunt double

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