G.Man always has a set of questions each Friday. I already attempt to do a Friday Five (at least by weekend’s end) so I may start trying to answer them at some point midweek each week. Here’s today’s entry

1. What did you think of the Half Time show of the Super Bowl?
Even before the boobie flash, I thought it was pretty raunchy. But when you put a member of the Jackson family up there with Timberlake, what do you expect?

2. In an analogy to the Carlie Brucia case in Florida ….how long would it take for your church to find a body?
Not familar with the case….I’ll have to brush up on it.

3. What is one thing you are doing for your love on Valentines?
Can’t tell you just yet…she reads this thing too.

4. If you were speaking on love in the next few weeks; what would be your main point?
That love thinks of others before self. That it is more than a feeling. And that you cannot force it. I’d find a way to make all three of those into ONE point.

5. If your family was on Survivor; which family member would you vote off first?
My mom. She’d be having a fit for a cig and that would be pushing everyone else over the edge.

6. What TV show is one that you just can’t miss?
Either Survivor or Alias.

7. What rivalry did you think was the best this past week in Sports?
Huh? It’s gotta be MSU and UMiss, of course.


A. If you were a car; what type of car would you be?
A Honda Accord. Pretty basic, reliable, and with a generic classiness.

B. What part of the Bible are you currently reading?