Like I was saying....

House hunting!!

Now we go looking for new houses.

This could either be a relaxing time or a hectic time. Turns out it’s high school homecoming where I’m moving too. So there’s lots of activity there this weekend. So there’s lots I could be pulled into. But we gotta look at houses and get a feel for the area too. We’ll see how the weekend goes. Really looking forward to it.

The Wife still hasn’t even seen the church or the city or anything. I’ve heard great things about Clinton though (the city, not the man).


  1. Alex

    I have never met someone from Clinton that is worth knowing. What church are you going to? (Email me if you have to)

  2. rob

    I know lots of people in Clinton, most of whom are worth knowing. Get here soon!

  3. Alex

    I was just kidding about Clinton. I grew up there, and my parents and sister still live there. It is a great town.

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