Like I was saying....

House for sale!

We stuck the sign in the yard and put an ad in the paper and a page on the grand ole world wide web.

Now we need a buyer.

So we pray and we pray. Hopefully things will go quickly. If not, we’ll have some big decisions to make as far as renting something or being split up til it sells or something like that.


  1. shay

    what a great house! ::sigh:: reminds me of all the neat houses in west jackson, MS. i hope you find a buyer very soon. (with all the charm, how could you not?! :))

  2. Blake

    I hope so.

    Funny you should say that. I'm moving to a city just west of Jackson. Where exactly were you working when you were down there?

  3. shay

    We were at the John M. Perkins Foundation (aka the Spencer Perkins Center). Awesome ministry. John is DA MAN. 🙂 Stop in sometime and meet him, if you can track him down!

  4. Jeff

    Hope it works soon. This is not a "Just have faith Bruther" comment, but my wife and I are amazed that after having a house on the market and empty for 2 and a half years, God has shown us His provision. My wife is sick and can't stay by herself 2 hours away. Somehow, God provides each month even though the bills never add up to the incoming. We ain't got much, but we're not livin with Momma no more. I'll be prayin about the house. BTW, toldja it was just luck.

  5. Jeff

    just got your post. We did an all nighter 2 weeks ago and hooked up 4 boxes each in different rooms from the network in our youth building / fellowship hall. slayer free for all with 16 people is crazy. We spent most of the time playing CTF 8 on 8. They are beggin for it every week. CRACK is an understatement.

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