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We went looking at houses again yesterday. Better luck this time. Something might have to do with the fact that we’re looking up a little bit. Meaning that we’ve looked a little more in a high pricing range. But we’d really have to figure things out with finances and how things would settle out at the end of the month, dollars and cents wise. But we also looked at an older home that would need a little work (more cosmetic than anything structural) to get it where we’d want it, but it’s a lower price and a nice neighborhood with a lake right across the street. It has a nice back yard and some expansion potantial if you ever wanted to add on.

We had two more showings of our own house. Still some nibbles, but no hard bites. But we had a roofer come and start cleaning our slate tile roof. It’s messy. A little water gets up into the attic if you’re not really careful. So he put a lot of plastic up in the attic to catch some of the drips where the water sometimes gets shot straight up under the tiles w/ the pressure washer.

The roofer leaves and his #2 guy is finishing up. I thought he was done. Cleaned off the patio and all. Then moves around to the other side of the house and starts spraying. It’s at a harsh angle. And it’s over a part of the attic that’s uncovered w/ plastic. I start to worry. Then my worries are confirmed when red water starts streaming from the heating/cooling vent in our ceiling. My 38.5 month pregant wife runs out side screaming at the guy to stop. Then a sizable water spots appears on my bedroom ceiling. Not good.

The main guy is supposed to come back tomorrow (Monday) to finish up and see about it all. He said he’d fix everything. But I crawled up there last night and there’s lots of damp very wet insulation above our bedroom. So I’m thinking that might need to be replaced too.

Yes, The Wife is now 8 days away from due date and we went on a road trip yesterday. We didn’t ask the Doc about it before hand because we knew he’d strongly advise against it. But oh well. Baby is a touch smaller than last time at this point. So I don’t know if that means a smaller baby or more distant due date. We’ll see. The Doc said he would induce next Thursday if we wanted. We don’t want to.

When the apple is ripe, it will fall from the tree.


  1. vicki

    Rick and I are praying for you and your family in this time. I know it is stressful.

  2. Blake

    Thanks, so much, Vicki.

    We know that God is our provider. But we gotta work at having faith sometimes. It's not as easy as I sometimes wish it was/should be.

  3. Steve

    Dude, there's a sweet looking house for sale on Lakeview (just around the corner from us). Not sure about the price, but the number is 924-0816. Give 'em a call. It looks really nice on the outside.

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