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Post-post election day

Bush won. Is anyone really surprised? I think a lot of people are. I stayed up late Tuesday night trying to see what the heck would happen with Ohio. It’s amazing when the entire election seems to come down on one state. But Pennsylvania was called for Kerry much earlier and had less of a margin than Ohio. The networks seem a little screwy sometimes. But it’s all to be expected I guess.

But I was glad that Kerry didn’t drag things out for ever and ever. That would have been horrible. But I guess Michael Moore has enough fodder for a new movie or two. Someone said he was doing a movie on the pharmacutical industry or something. Someone’s also made a movie called FarenHYPE/911. I might actually check that one out.

I’m still amazed by my short, short lines to vote. There were probably 8-14 booths where I was voting. I bet they had people walk up and vote w/ no wait all day. Then I hear about the college campus in Ohio where there were 2 booths for over 3000 students. That’s plain nuts.

What will the country do now? To be honest, sometimes I don’t think it really matters who we elect. From watching tv shows and doing some reading and other stuff. Sometimes you wonder if it’s actually the president who pulls the strings on the country, of if he’s got some folks who are pulling his strings…..

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  1. g

    Yes, his strings are being pulled; he is the front man.

    Have you ever wondered if election results are predetermined and the act of voting is just a "part" you play to make things appear to be legit?

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