Like I was saying....

I don't like my new ISP!

I’ve been with for years. Had a few times that I got busy signals for a few hours, but for the most part, they’ve been great. Pretty fast for a dial up, as far as I could tell. But all of a sudden a few sites I’d been frequenting were not able to be accessed when I was using I emailed them. I called them. But to no avail.

So I invested in a new ISP…Dixie-Net. SUCCESS!!! I could now access the two sites I couldn’t get any more with my other ISP. But now everything seems reeeeaaaaaly slow. Some pages take forever to load. And other times I’m surfing right along lickety-split, then it bogs down and nothing will load faster than a sloth. So, I guess I’m going to call them to make sure I’ve got my “settings” right, or else cancel my account with them. I still haven’t canceled my account. So I’lll just go with out the other sites for a while on my home computer til I find a different ISP or gets it worked out.


  1. Jay

    Life with cable internet is good 🙂

  2. Blake

    No cable option here…there is DSL though. But it's double the price of dial-up. Wife doesn't think we need it.

  3. yafreax

    she's right… after all, i mean, you may wear the pants in the family but she picks them out and zips them up right?

  4. Blake

    Dude…I think you make comments now to see if they'll get deleted.

  5. yafreax

    nah, what do you mean? You never delete my comments. all i mean is if your wife thinks you dont need it, then you probably dont need it.

  6. Steve

    Hey, I relate…Melinda definitely picks out my britches for me. Shoot, I have to ask if I can take money out of the ATM!

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