Like I was saying....

Last night was an adventure.

My dad came to town and we went over to Starkville and took my daughter to see the MSU game of the Starkville Regional of the NCAA Baseball Tourney. The restless, almost 2 year old in a sea of 10,000+ people did quite well. We started off sitting in the bleachers but soon found out that she’d have a high probability of falling through to the concrete down below. After a nice snag by my dad, we decided to go out into the grass behind the right fielder. So for about 7 innings, she ran around on the hill, colored in a notebook, wiped a knapkin on my dad’s face for about 30 minutes, and tried to bum food off of people around us.

She did get to eat her first hotdog at Dudy Noble. She didn’t think one was enough, but we stopped there. All in all, it was a great game. We won 10-4. All had a good time, and she slept on the way back home. Also, if we can win this regional, looks like we might get to host the super regional. But it’s a long way off as we’re losing our 2nd game right now.


  1. rick

    Sorry about MSU, Blake – I was looking forward to a StateDog/Bulldogs vs. 1J13/Gamecock super regional. Now I get to watch USC beat the Tarheels – always a fun weekend.

  2. Blake

    Yeah, after GaTech got beat by Stetson, I was already thinking about your Gamecocks coming to play here in Mississippi…seems that our team was thinking too much about that and not enough about taking care of business.

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