Like I was saying....

I hate my phone

I don’t think it’s my phone model, just my phone that sucks so bad. It gets decent reception most places, but at my house, it’s horrible. Like works 15% of the time. And to get good reception I have to go sit on my front porch. So I’m in the market for a new phone. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m on Cingular…


  1. Chris Baker

    What phone do you have now?

  2. g

    The $39 Nokia.

  3. Blake

    I have the Nokia 6230. I think it’s a good model, but just my particular phone is not good. And ever since it got frozen in Colorado back in March, the battery is suspect too.

    I’m looking at the SE w810. I can get it free if I sign up for a new contract, but have to pay a bit to get just a phone upgrade.

  4. Rick

    Just got RAZRs before Christmas when the missus and I changed to Cingular. Only a couple of drop spots in town, with one of them being on the southeast part of town on the interstate. Other than that, no problems.

  5. Chris Baker

    I’ve had the razr for about a year now. Its been a good phone. Never really had a issue. Granted phones are not perfect. But I like them – not sure about the slivr. If you don’t want Motorola I’d go with Samsung or Sony-Ericson.

  6. Tim

    My wife had the same issues with Cingular and we live in the city of Dallas! She switched to join my Verizon plan and hasn’t had a problem since.

  7. Chris Baker

    I think you should get the new iPhone. 🙂 – Forget the Razr :).

  8. Jason Reynolds

    I agree with Chris. I think a few hours on the Apple iPhone could change my life. Shave another time, use the reinvented phone.

  9. jeremy

    verizon… cingular has the least dropped calls only cause half the calls never get through in the first place…

    with today’s phones, most of the time it’s not the phone, it’s the service

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