Like I was saying....

I have been a single parent!

Not really. But my wife just got back into town a few hours ago (she’s sacked out on the couch right now. I’ll wake her up when I finish this entry.) So it was just me and my 22 month old daughter for 2 days. It was fun. But it makes you realize how tough being a single parent can be. I think I could make it, but sure wouldn’t want to have to. And I got to leave the house as messy as I wanted to until just before she got home too. HA!

But my daughter and I made it alright. It was a little weird sleeping alone in the bed. In our nearly 4 years of marriage, this was the first night I’d spent a night at home with out her. I’ve been away a few times and had to leave her here. But this was the first time like this. And you know how crazy thoughts run through your mind..”What if something happens to her on her trip? Could I make it day by day as a single parent? Would I need a 3 BR house then? Should I get something smaller? I’d need to figure out different people who could baby sit. I’ll have to cook!”… But then I realize I’m being melodramatic and ate some more cake icing instead.

I love my wife. Time to go get her to come to bed. Later…..


  1. rick

    right there with you. whenever i leave on business, my wife keeps everything spinning at about the same rate, the house stays clean, the kids are fine and have all kinds of fun thingsto do, etc. when i get left for a couple of days with them (son/7 and daughter/5), i feel like i've accomplished something if (1)everyone's still alive and (2)there's no food on the ceiling. everything else is up for grabs at that point. like you, i *could* do it, but finesse would be out the window.

    peace – rick

  2. Rhonda

    Yep…Cake frosting has always been a great cure for melodrama. LOL!!! Cool Whip works wonders, too.

  3. Blake

    Straight up Betty Crocker chocolate icing….good stuff.

    But I've gotta give it up to get in shape now..sheesh. I can only eat it one day a week.

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