Like I was saying....

I must admit…

….I’m a Survivor Addict.

Brad told me about it back when the first one was still in pre-production. I marked my calendar, but seemed that every Wednesday night I had something going on and couldn’t watch it. So the first one I saw was post-merge and I missed out on half the fun of the season.

But the next season they moved it to Thursday nights to battle with Friends. And I’ve seen nearly every episode since then. Some are better than others. They’re not always GREAT! But they’re usually worth spending some time on.

Tonight’s episode was the first that brought back expelled survivors to compete in a challenge for the right to get back in the game. I’m not sure I like this development. But I guess CBS and Mark Burnett are having to constantly look for new was to freshen up the game.

Would I do Survivor? In a heart beat (if my family and work schedules work out …) I think it’d be a fun time.


  1. Steve

    Dude, I really think you'd be a serious contenter too. You're the type of guy they're looking for.

  2. John Carnes

    I'd root for you Blake! At least I believe you wouldn't be like that "Osten" dude who whined the whole way through the season, even though undoubtably he could have been one of the most fit people there. It has to be embarrassing now to watch and see those "little girls" hold up to the physical challenge more than him. Sorry, to go off like that, I confess as well…survivor addict is my name too!!

  3. Blake

    I'd do it if offered the chance. Thanks for the confidence, Steve.

    John, could you believe that Christa was holding the same weight on her shoulders for longer than Osten last week? Skinny white girl was sweating it out better than big, buff Osten. Made me shake my head. Ruben is my favorite, but as a whole, this has to be the most foul mouthed Survivor I've seen, even with the silent bleeps.

  4. John

    I know, I'd be "darned" if I would let those two girls show me up, especially if I was as big and in shape as Osten is. (Not that I am ANYWHERE near that! 🙂 But I still wouldn't check out so early. I think he may have some hypochondria!! But I pity him at home now. I bet he is getting the ribbing of his life from all the other guys he knows! Probably from his mama too!

  5. Luke

    In Australia 'root' means something else.

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