Like I was saying....

If I could turn back time…

…well, there’s not anything I’m dying to turn back time for, other than an extra hour of sleep. Though I know that won’t really happen because my daughter doesn’t understand the concept of day light savings time. She really doesn’t understand the idea of a clock or sleeping in. So when her internal clock says “I don’t care what time it is, I need to pee pee and eat some breakfast” she starts letting us know she’s ready to get up. “Come in here, Daddy!” over and over and over.

But I am thankful for the extra hour I might get. Because even though I was fighting sleep, I remembered I needed to make some changes to my fantasy football teams before I went to sleep…and now I’m up, listening to it pour down rain outside and my dog pant with nervous fear from the pouring rain. She’s strange like that.

MSU lost again today. After going up 17-0 I begin to feel confident. Yeah, crazy me. I thought we might actually put together a good game and have a shot at saving some face the end of the season. Then the light went off and we remembered we’re supposed to suck and we let Kentucky score 6 straight touchdowns to lose the game. But guess what? We’ll have a new coach next year!

Went and looked at lawnmowers today at Lowe’s. We decided to give ours one more shot with a new spark plug and a clean air filter. But I think that’s like putting a new antenna on a radio you run over with your car and hoping it will work again. But it’s maybe worth the effort. Not really mowing season right now anyway.

Still have early service tomorrow morning, then a really busy afternoon. So I’m going to go crawl back in bed and try to remember how tired I was earlier. Laters.


  1. jeremy

    okay… sounds like a winner!

  2. Steve

    Have any rumors surfaced on a replacement for King Jackie yet?

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