Like I was saying....

If I die…

If I suddenly don’t ever post anymore, I’m probably either dead or in the hospital.

After the Hurricane I think we had about 37 ant beds spring up in our yard. I was putting out fire ant killer on them today. It is the fine white powdered stuff that reeks of rotten eggs. That stuff smells rank but works. Anyhow, as I said, it is a really fine powder. And I happened to try to sprinkle some in the wind and I inhaled some. Made me feel all tingly inside. Or mainly in my throat.


  1. kevin

    I know that tingly feeling…

  2. Jeremy

    if you die… can i have your … i dunno, something valuable.

  3. Blake

    Yeah, Jer, you can have my XBox. How’s that? Or my Seinfeld DVD’s.

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