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Just blink, already!

There is a lot of mess going on in our region of the country right now. The hurricane left tons of damage and hurting people in its path. People are going w/o food and water and shelter right now. They need attention and need it quickly. We see the horrors of what happened on the news almost 24/7. And people are responding. Trucks of ice and water and food are going everywhere it seems. And people are being rescued and given shelter.

I’m glad our own community and church families have stepped up and contributed to helping out the Katrina situation. I’m glad we as a country are doing something for the victims of the storm. We need to help as much as possible. But the help shouldn’t stop there.

There are still people dying by the thousands each and every day because of food shortages and unclean drinking water around our world. Children are dying by the hundreds each day because they have a disease or sickness that could have been prevented by a simple vaccination that is not available to them. But these folks go mostly unheard from and unseen. And sadly when we see them we, as an American society, usually don’t even blink an eye. Well… Are you going to blink?

Visit and see ways you can join in a world wide movement to make a difference.

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  1. rick

    hang in there – you guys are helping on more levels than you’ll probably ever know. that’s what should be humbling, you know? thanks for posting this.

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