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Inception Ending – Thoughts & Questions :: SPOILER ALERT

Don’t read this if you’ve not seen Inception yet. You’ve been warned.
It’s a great movie. See if if you get the chance. The ending of Inception leaves a little up for interpretation. And that may just be the perfect ending. My mind wants to wrap it up nice and neatly. And I think I can. But when I do there are a few things hanging on that make me say, “But what about this….?”
  1. So the biggest question is do you think the top stopped spinning or not at the end? I think it did. But I can understand the arguments as to why it may not have. But on a pure physics level, it seemed to be slowing down and starting tip over. And after seeing him w/ his kids it would have been such a bummer for him to not have made it to them.
  2. Dom and Ariadne were both hooked up to the “sleep machine” in the 3rd level (snowy place) to get to the fourth leven to save Saito. But Saito was never hooked to that sleep machine. He died. Did his dying just send him off to that next level, they “greyness”? And that’s why Dom had to go rescue him?
  3. Did that snowy place remind anyone of “Spies Like Us”?
  4. How long ago did Mal kill herself from jumping off the ledge before the movie starts? I ask because in the memories he has of his kids, they seem to be near about the same age as they were at the end. So it would seem to be not much time had passed (unless the end was also a dream.)
  5. When Dom and Mal spend those 50 years together it showed them get really old. But when the train ran over their heads they were young again. How does that work? Could they have possibly gone to another level at some point?
  6. Do you think they filmed some of this in one of those airplanes like the vomit comet that lets you perform in a weightless environment?
  7. Nolan wrote, directed, and produced the movie. He’s going to continue to get richer.
  8. Did anyone else feel tense from the opening scene til the end? It wore me out.
  9. Hans Zimmer did an awesome job w/ the music.
  10. Focus on the tubes in their arms – when Mal and Cobb woke on the floor after being hit by the train – they didn’t have a machine near by. When Cobb woke on the plane – he didn’t have a tube in his arm. Therefore were they dreaming in both instances?
  11. In the first level dream when they are supposedly being attacked by Fischer’s subconscious, how did the train get there? The trains come from Cobb’s subconscious not Fischer’s, right?
  12. If you check on the cast list for Inception on IMDB, there are two sets of kids that play the Inception children at different ages, which makes me believe that the end was not a dream state.

I have a few more bouncing around, but let me sleep on it.


  1. Jeremy Wheeler

    That's a lot of statements:

    1. I want it to have fallen. I don't think it slowed down, it just wobbled a slight tad… but it also wobbled at the very beginning and then straightened up. So… BUT i don't think it matters. The point isn't whether it fell or not, the point is how he handled the situation. He stopped dwelling on his past guilt and instead took hold of what was right in front of him.

    2. Yes. This is explained in the first level of the dream when one of the guys is about to put Sato out of his misery.

    3. Never saw it

    4. I had questions here too. My take: Not nearly as long as they make it seem… on purpose. Because in the void/greyness level, time is totally jacked. Sato ages 30-40 years in the time it takes to finish the plane ride. So Dom's memories of reality are gapped by his time in the void. Since we are engaging the movie mostly through Dom, the "real life" memories are laid out to make it seem like a long time. A year or so different would make sense. Of course, if the end is just a dream state, then this is explained away really easily.

    5. This was the biggest flaw in the movie… Maybe they choose not to explain, so again I had to fill in my own gaps. My guess is that since you can create your own reality in that area, Dom figured out a way during his "inception" of Mal to restart their dream sequence to the proper age. As they describe it, there is no other level past the void. So, I can't figure any other way out of this one.


    7. indeed

    8. hmm… not so much. But i did enjoy it.

    9. Agreed

    10. I'm guessing this was a consistency error. They didn't explain a ton of the technology (since they can't…), but the tubes obviously played a role linking everyone's subconscious. So, in order to be in a shared state, they'd have had to use tubes.

    11. Yes, the train come's from Dom. Each person's subconscious is connected, (thus it's raining because the driver forgot to take a piss before boarding the plane). Cobb's subconscious is unstable already, so perhaps when Fischer's subconscious freaked out, Cobb's did to.

    12. perhaps this is due to the memory dreams?

    p.s. – Subconscious Mal is a freaking Psycho.

  2. Mjaylondon

    I read an article the other day that argued for the fact that the whole movie was a dream. I’ll see if i can find it.

  3. Russ

    I think it did too, but that's the best part about it. Nolan won't ever say it did or it didn't, but he doesn't have to. for me, it stopped spinning.

    you know, if you die in a dream state, it's limbo right? so his death in the third sleep drops him down to the fourth.

    I was thinking it was more like Hoth from TESB.

    Yeah, i thought that was kind of strange they were the same age, but i think it didn't take very long for the wife to go crazy and jump.

    i just think the picture of them at an old age was just to signify the time that had passed and the young shot was how old they were in reality.

    i really liked those action scenes. i thought the whole movie was very matrix like, but without any of the unnecessary explanation of how this technology exists.

    that guy has never made a bad movie. everything he's done is brilliant. i might even say he's the best filmmaker in hollywood, although he does fit a certain niche.

    last time i felt that on edge during a movie was the dark knight.

  4. Mjaylondon

    Here it is:

  5. Rick

    1. I thought halfway thru the film that he might wake up to the reality she went to when she jumped, but in the end she wasn't there. So I think it tipped, but for me it didn't have to.
    3. Thought HOTH, too.
    5. Aging would have been a projection of themselves, so going back in age would've been same as creating/destroying that world.
    Good observations on the rest.

    Ever seen Memento? Same thing, have to pay attention from begin to end.

    Go here… and scroll down to Fridge Brilliance. Drag over to reveal spoilers – notice the thing about music starting, and the spinning top being a _______ to get the audience to ________.

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