Like I was saying....

Addie and Ella’s Newscast

Ever since Addie got a mp3 player with a voice recorder she’s played around with making her own “news podcast” as she calls it. She would invite her sister to do the news with her. They’d have fun with it, making up silly things while we were on a road trip. They’d sit next to each other in the van and record themselves, then listen back through together and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

This weekend I discovered them making their first video newscast. I have to admit that I have laughed more at this the past few days than I ever would have expected. The following video is about the first half of their first newscast. They said they’ll probably make more in the future.


  1. caanudigit

    They aren't shy, are they? Enjoyed that!

  2. Will Chandler

    Valentimes is my favorite too.

    Love the MSU Family Living in Oxford breakdown. That's how you gotta roll. Great job dad.

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