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Innovate 08 :: My Last Morning in Indiana

I wrote this while sitting in the airport Saturday morning. I had no wifi at the time. But here it is. Better late than ever [I still have to transcribe Beeson’s final session too.]

So after Innovate 08 was over most of everyone I was with traveled to Chicago. They had an early Saturday morning flight out of O’Hare. I had a mid morning flight out of South Bend. They dropped me off at the Residence Inn about a mile south of Notre Dame University. After checking into a very surprisingly nice hotel and catching up on some email and news I decided to walk to ND.

It was an easy walk, but getting dark. I wondered if it was the best part of town to walk through late at night (for the return trip). But it turned into a really nice area as I walked north on Notre Dame Avenue. Some of the houses looked awesome.

As I entered campus I headed over to the restaurant Legends of Notre Dame. Ordered the mozzarella stick and walked around looking at the history of Notre Dame plastered all over the walls. I’m no fan of Notre Dame, but not a hater either. And you gotta admit, they have some serious tradition there. While walking around I noticed that there was to be a few comedians performing later that night at the place.

I talked to my waiter, asking if there was a cover charge or if it was for students only or what? He ended up getting me placed on the guest list to where I could go for free and w/o a student ID. I had no idea if I’d do it or not, but the two guys performing had been on Last Comic Standing apparently. So it could be good.

I left the restaurant expecting to head to the bookstore. I’d been the night before to get a shirt, but there was a really nice photography section I wanted to spend a little time in. But while outside I could hear a crowd cheering and a man talking over a PA system. During supper I’d read the student news paper some about the ND Soccer teams. The women were #1 in the country while the men were #3. So I ran over to the field and watched the ND men play the team from #5 St. John’s University. It was in the 2nd OT. It ended scoreless. But the guys were a triple combo of speed, power, and precision. It was impressive to see.

A quick trip to the bookstore. But as I was walking there I saw an animal walking across the sidewalk a head of me. Guess what it was? It was a skunk. Yes, a SKUNK. Completely white with the double white stripe down it’s back. Just walking through campus! Is that common around ND? I paused, let it pass, and then kept my eye on it.

I made it to the bookstore. They closed at 10pm and I had 20 minutes there to look at photography books and then children’s clothing. But my girls don’t know what Notre Dame is. SO I wasn’t spending $20 on a shirt for them.

Then back to Legends of Notre Dame for some comedy. It was some funny stuff. But ended up digressing into foul jokes with foul language. Some of the kind you laugh at and think, “I shouldn’t’ be laughing at that.” and others that you just shake your head at. So after a little while I head back to the hotel.

I took my id and my debit card out of my wallet in case someone “asked” for my wallet I could still get home after handing it over. So the mile walk back took me through the nice and not as nice areas. I never felt in danger. But was on guard. Even had a car slow down and say, “Hey, baby…need a ride?” I politely declined.

So I made it back unscathed. Stayed up late. Set my alarm for a possible walk back to campus for daylight photos. I loved my hotel room. Even the bed smelled good. So good and comfortable that I pressed snooze through my alarms and didn’t make it back to campus.

I got to the South Bend airport, check in, and sat down at my gate a good 70 minutes before takeoff. I guess better early than late, huh? Now’ I’ll save some laptop battery and read, rest, or think.

But South BendNotre DameMichiana… Perhaps we’ll meet again. I think I like you.


  1. Matt Metzger

    Hi! I got here by surfing through blogs talking about Innovate08. Since you asked, skunks actually are relatively common around here. Not like the squirrels or anything, but I usually spot one or two live ones and maybe 10 roadkill ones every year. Glad you enjoyed our little neck of the woods!

  2. Blake

    Yeah, there were a lot of different blogs following and recapping Innovate 08. It was a great experience. And thanks for the info on the skunks. I was surprised. But didn’t walk close.

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