Peterson :: Media @ Granger

  1. No matter your resources, use what you have well. Do your best w/ what you have. Mark Beeson’s personality is obvious all over the church. He’s an artist and photographer. He’s taught many of us his own skills. But the arts were very important to Mark so it is to the church.
  2. Start simple and finish it.
  3. Building a team. If you’re the only one doing it then you’re going to get burned out. Take the extra time to work with people. And you’ll end up being able to relax because of shared responsibilities.
  4. Shorter is better. No one will appreciate and enjoy a video as much as the people who made it. Leave them wanting more, not praying for less. Our goal is 30-45 seconds.
  5. Never ever put up unflattering or joking pictures. Our initial goal was for media to build community. We’ve had times where we canceled an entire project because we missed something [possibly inappropriate material]
  6. Bad video is better than bad audio. You can call bad video style. But bad audio is irritating. Get the best audio. Get it off your camera.
  7. Be prepared. Check all your equipment before going on your shoot. Maybe have a checklist.
  8. I like to use storyboards.
  9. Almost every single project takes longer than expected. Vols are important.
  10. Always have ONE director.