Here are my raw notes from when Rob just finished speaking. I could listen to him for hours. Very energetic and passinate, but right on with his message.

ROB WEGNER: Where is the LOVE?

That’s what millions in the world are asking today. Where is the love of God? When so much bad stuff happens around the world.
1.5 million people don’t have health care. Not insurance, CARE. They might die today because of no vaccine and they’re asking, “Where is the love?”
What is God’s plan to show His love to the world? It is YOU. The local church. And it appears that there is’t another plan. You’re it. Jesus Christ gave local churches the invitation to make it believable that God is good.
So how do we release to the local community and global village that God is GOOD! how does that happen?
How do we create experiences and environment to share that. How do we penetrate society
Missional Moves.
God is up to something fresh in regards to global moves.

“What is the Gospel that Jesus preached? I’m confident that churches are filled w/ well meaning people who wouldn’t give the same answer that Jesus would give. There are tons of people who would say that the Gospel is getting out of trouble w/ God. We ask them, “where would you go if you died tonight” And they’re looking for minimal requirements to get into heaven. And Jesus never taught that.

Mark 1:14-15. Jesus came to bring the good news. The gospel. In one phrase what would did Jesus say the gospel was? It is The Kingdom Of God!
The Kingdom of God is where the power and presence of God breaks through into the world. Eternal life doesn’t start when I die, but right now. It’s not just eternal life, but it’s a way of life, a quality of life. Right now! Established on earth.

GCC has a mantra. The gospel is bring up there down here. What would it look like God really answered the request of “may your will be done on earth as in heaven”?
When we define the gospel as minimum requirements to get into heaven.
Missional Move: From Saved Souls to Saved Wholes
We are so for the verbal proclamation. But what about the other half? Bringing up there down here. Helping people in their life right where they are. I call it the demonstration proclamation. Combined w/ the verbal proclamation it becomes an unstoppable force that transforms lives and communities.
“Hold up Jesus, we’re just trying to get the verbal part right. We’ve got our hands full”  lame! If it’s only about the 4 spiritual laws, we can do that. But if it’s going into a community to transform it, you will HAVE to have the help of the Holy Spirit.

Missional Move: From “flashlight” to “laser focus.”
In a previous church was a huge map of the world with thumbtacks where missionaries were sent or support given.
I wonder if some churches are confusing the great commission with the great commotion. The reality is bigger isn’t better. But better is better.
Acts 1:8 Jesus gives 4 spheres of influence that churches need to focus on.
We sought to narrow our focus
We decided we’d rather be 30’ deep in 3 places than 3 inches deep in 30 places.

You gotta figure out who God uniquely determined you to be, and then pour yourself into it.
If you’re a follower of Jesus, the great commission is your life mission. No debate.
If you love kids well in a community it makes the parents happy. And your influence for the Kingdom grows.
Story of two ladies who went into the Southland Housing Project and met resistance at first because the other churches had contributed to the sense of abandonment to the kids. But the Kingdom revealed itself eventually.
Story of the food pantry at Monroe Circle.
Narrowing our focus dramatically increased our impact.
It also has dramatically increased shared ownership and motivation.
Missional Move: From professionals to full participation
A church can’t rely on staff only to do the mission. In’ Acts it was congregationally organized, and we need to mobilize people out of their seats and into God’s story.
The 2 barriers are fear and busyness.

Second Saturdays are not dead ends, but on ramps. They’re family friendly. It’s an onramp to see what’s it’s like to be on a team and get involved. Involved in bringing up there down here. To expand the Kingdom in our sphere of influence.

God hasn’t called the local church to sit inside the safety of our sanctuaries. But to go out and stand at the gates of hell. “LORD let Your Kingdom come and will be done. Lord, show us wher eyou want us to stand.” Our God reigns! Injustice will not have the final word.