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Innovate 08 :: Session 7 :: Stevin Furtick

At first I wasn’t sure how to receive Furtick. I mean, he’s an interesting guy. He’s got a style that’s all his own. And he is the pastor of a church that has exploded in members and attenders [meaning that the church is about two and a half years old..yet they had 4837 people attend their three location in ONE weekend last month! Holy-you-know-what!] And with that growth combined with his youth [and funky style] there are going to be haters. Right?

Let me just say that I was amazed. And I don’t say that much. And as I listened to him I was kicking myself for not going to his Breakout today on Vision. Here are my notes from him [that again might need to be cleaned up later.]

But as I listened you could hear his passion. I know that’s something that is said a lot. And I know I’ve said it on here before too. But you could almost tangibly feel his passion and commitment to the Gospel. It may sound lame of me, but he was causing the emotions to stir even.

Furtick –

He started out by saying he wasn’t a speaker. That a speaker is what you buy from Radio Shack. But that was going to preach from the word of God.

Had a vision from God as a 16 year old new Christian after reading Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.
Sharing from a perspective of transparency because
1Sam 17:13 David was anointed king, but in the meantime he went back and forth between Saul’s court and tending sheep.
How many of you feel you’ve had a significant vision revealed from God but are stuck in the back.
Between the Promise and the Payoff there is a Process.
“We’re not going to be buried …”
Just trying to gently help them discover God’s will for their life.
So many of us forget the promise and forfeit the payoff because we faint at the process.
The promise is that you’re called by God.

David was the King elect and was asked to run cheese/bread to his brothers on the battlefield.
Maybe the reason you’re not getting what you need out of your workers is because you’re not challenging them.

If you want to reach lost people advertise it on the Xian radio station [not!] (said this after talking about advertising an egg drop they did for one Easter. They advertised on ‘secular’ radio. Had 2k show up)

Some of you have lost your audacious ability while looking at your budgets and staff and facility limitations and lost the audacity and are fainting at the process, but God’s promise is still true. Don’t forfeit the payoff of God’s vision by stopping. Keep taking the cheese pizza. Keep honoring God. Speak and pray and fast and don’t dare let go of the promise God has given you because the process is always painful.

It always starts small. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings. Boy’s lunch, little bit of oil, those were things that Jesus used. There’s no shortage of God’s supply in our ministry. There’s a shortage in our capacity.

The only reason David was there to fight Goliath is because he was being obedient to God in the mundane.

“even as stupid as I am I believe God likes me because I don’t tell him no”
Some of you have educated yourself so much that you don’t believe anything is possible with God anymore.”

The whole time I was going back and forth [the whole time you were going through aimless meeting, or ministering to the 15 senior adults, those were training ground.] I was tearing up lions and bears. it was a Mr. Miagi moment.

The Process is the point. God is preparing you in the process.

I was running a Mr. Potato Head ministry. Taking eyes, ears, etc from different ministries. But that didn’t work. I had to be who God called me to be. No pretending.

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  1. canudigit

    The guy makes sense to me.

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