The Wii!!!

I have to admit that when I first heard of the Wii, I thought it sounded stupid. And even when I looked up some of the first commercials on YouTube, I still thought it looked a little stupid. “It’d never work,” I thought. And if it did, I’d never like it. But the buzz continued to grow.

And then I went to Six Flags and was able to play one. Admittedly it wasn’t the best setup, but I was semi-hooked. But then at Group Dynamix I was able to play one in it’s full glory. And I know that they’re awesome now.

I’ve asked people if they’re rather have a Wii or a XBOX 360. They usually say it depends or “A Wii for sure!” I agree with the “Depends” answer. If I were getting a gaming system for myself that I’d play at home usually solo or with friends occasionally, I’d go w/ the 360. But for playing with friends regularly, I’d go for a Wii for sure. Which brings me to the conclusion that we’ll be getting a Wii for the youth room pretty quickly. A Wii with four controllers and some highly interactive games.

It’s such a great “party game” for people to get involved in, whether you’re actually playing or watching. And there’s always a line of people wanting to get the next shot at

(And we might try to sneak a 360 in there pretty soon as well!)

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