Like I was saying....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..NOT!!!

Well, this was an issue even before today. This just really hasn’t felt a lot like Christmas lately. Lately meaning the last few years. And this one even less. Not sure why that is. But when you have a kid it’s supposed to be new and fresh all over again, right? And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing her joy with the tree, and the lights around town, and her presents. And like I said, she’s getting into getting gifts for other people too. But the old “Christmas feeling” has passed.

Maybe it started with not being in school anymore. So not really gearing up for semester tests/exams and then the big holiday break. Or maybe it was getting older and not getting “playful” gifts anymore but “useful” gifts. Gifts like chairs or microwaves or cookware. And the decorations around town don’t seem as plentiful. People don’t seem as excited about it. Heck, it’s December 22 and it’s 64 degrees outside!

But when I really think about it…what it all boils down to…is that I seem to be looking for a “Christmas feeling” from things that have nothing to do with Christmas. Sad, huh? I seem to be harkening back to the old “holiday feelings” that I remember from childhood. But I’m a big boy now. I should be able to look beyond all that and settle and meditate on the heart of it all.

So I ask your prayers during the next few days/weeks. That I am able to looke beyond the worldly expressions of Christmas to the heart of God and his fleshly encouter with our world.


  1. giddy

    From what I hear, it's pretty much the same all over; but yes, you have my prayers.

  2. lj

    I posted a similar comment on my blog around the same time, only you said it better. Looks like it's not just me.

  3. Blake

    Nice blog, LJ. I'll be checking it out now. Thanks for the comment too.

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