Like I was saying....

Oh the weather outside…

…well, the weather outside really isn’t that bad. A touch windy, but not really that cold. It’s the inside that’s a little frightful. Not scary necessarily, but it seems there’s now sickness in our midst. It has been all around us, so it finally hit home.

Yesterday morning at work The Wife called me. She wanted to know how The Kid was acting yesterday morning before went to work. The Wife had gone to the local gym to teach an exercise class, and as she got home I left home to head to work. I told her that The Kid had been fine, why? She told me that The Kid was acting really tired and spacy with a stuffy nose like she could be sick or something. The Kid was in the bath at the time, but The Wife was going to call me back with a temperature reading on her.

She called back with a reading of 102.5 degrees. Time to get a Dr. appointment. Flu has been rocking and rolling around many Christmas Trees in our town lately. And we were hoping it hadn’t hit our little one. I came home after lunch and she was acting fine. Runny nose, but in great spirits w/ just a touch of fever. But we went to the Dr. anyways to make sure.

Having a family connection at the clinic makes for a short wait in the waiting room. Actually, only I went in. I left The Wife and Kid in the car. No need in them sitting in a waiting room full of flu. But the flu test came back negatory. But we got some meds anyway (not flu meds, but other stuff I’ve never heard of). But as evening crept along, The Kid felt worse. Fever got higher. Sleep was deprived from all last night.

So here we are, Christmas Eve, she feels like doo doo and I’m not going to my grandmothers on Christmas Eve for the first time in my entire life. Feels kinda weird. Even my wife of 4.5 years says it feels really weird not to be going over there tonight. But the kid is half awake/asleep in my lap against my chest right now as I type. She’s trying to “feel good” but just not making it. We’ll have a few gifts tonight, read some books, and try to have a good dinner (just the three of us). But if anyone happens to read this in the next day or so, please offer up a prayer of health for The Kid.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Steve

    Dude, prayed as soon as i read this. Will continue to pray. Keep us posted, okay.

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