Don’t you just love going to bed on Saturday night…and then realizing that it’s really Friday night?

Today has been a bit more work that lazy, but a little of both. Woke up ate breakfast, removed the blinds from The Kid’s room, got a haircut, and then ran by the church to get my cordless drill I thought I left there. It wasn’t there so as I was leaving one of the girls from church was looking for me. She’d seen my car. She told me about a friend of her’s who’d left home last night. Got in a fight w/ his parents and split. This is a guy who’s had a load of mess in his life lately. I don’t really have much of a history w/ him at all, other than a few words here and there. We actually ate lunch yesterday. He tells me he’s wanting to straighten up, lead a clean life.

Being a small town, I get lots of advice and comments. Some are encouraging me to try to make a difference. Others are warning me that he’ll con me if given half the chance. So I pray for God’s wisdom in dealing w/ the guy. But he ended up telling me he needed some “cool off time” and then things will be okay between him and his parents. We’ll see.

Then I come home and read. I finished Liquid Church but now have no desire to write the 5 page book review of it. That will commence later tonight/tomorrow.

Hopefully get to watch Cold Mountain tonight.