Like I was saying....

It’s time to TWITTER!

[[ Come and follow me ]]

LOOOONG ago I signed up for something called Twitter. I was reading about it on some blogs I visited. I checked back and the first time I ever used Twitter was on March 24 of 2007! Wow.

But basically Twitter is what I’d describe a cross between instant messaging and blogging. You can post quick updates no more than 140 characters to let people know, what you are doing! Because that’s the question you answer, “What are you doing?”

At first I was like, “Who cares?” and in the very beginning it almost seems pointless, but the trick is starting to follow people and have people follow you. [“Following” means you’re keeping up with someone’s tweets (messages they send by way of Twitter)] The video below explains it pretty well.

I started following people I “know of” through blogs and such. But once I had people I actually knew doing it, it got even more fun! So I have people who’s blogs I read like Brody Harper. He’s at the GMA’s right now and I know what’s going on backstage pretty often because of his Twitter. But then again I know Pat Ward personally, so I can keep up with his goings on too.

Is it overkill? Dunno, it’s up to you. It probably won’t seem cool right at first. But the more you do it, the more you find your people to follow, and the more you interact, the greater the experience.

Are there privacy issues? Of course, as there is with everything. Twitter was even on CSI. Watch this clip:

So, follow me on Twitter :: Sign up. Then search your address books for people you know who are already on Twitter!


  1. Debby

    your subscribe link on the Twitter blog is non functioning. We need more people twittering around here, I agree. Out of all the people I know, (17!) you are the only one besides me who even knows what it is.

  2. Blake

    I’d tried to follow someone before and it gave me a few troubles too. Try it again soon.

    And I agree about the slow pickup of the twitter revolution. I know of a handful of people who use it, but not a lot of people in my everyday life. I know of about 6 or so people that I know “face to face” that use it. Then about a dozen people I know online. And then a lot of people I “know of”.

    Jack needs to do it!

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