Yep, football to bring me back to the blog. But tonight is when MSU fans are always the most optimistic. If you go read much on the MSU message boards then it seems that almost all know it won’t be an easy game vs. the Gamecocks, but definitely a winnable one. But I’m listening to the Southern Sports Tonight and I only heard ONE SINGLE GUY predict a Bulldog victory.

But tonight is the first game of the season…for us or anyone. And optimism is always at its height. But I think we’ve got a chance at a good season. I’ll admit that I always think that at the outset. But we’ve got a defense that was top 30 in the country and returns 8 or 9 starters. And an OL that is much improved and a WR corps that is much improved.

So as I leave to go find a tv (still no cable here at the house), I’m hoping that the Bulldogs send Steve home 0-3 on his visits to Starkville.