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Last week in bullets

Here is a recap of last week in bullets:

  • All three kids had croup. I don’t know why it’s called the croup. But whatever you call it, it usually means not a lot of sleep for the parents.
  • Halloween happened. For the night we went to the courthouse lawn where there were lots and lots of booths and games set up for the kids to play and get candy. I was impressed. The candy wasn’t excellent, but it was a great community event.
  • There was a lady there who was at least 11 months pregnant there who had on a halter top and then painted her belly to look like a HUGE jack-o-lantern. It was impressive and gross at the same time.
  • Afterward we went to UM to the physics department. They had Spooky Demonstrations. And I got to dip my hand in liquid nitrogen. Interesting. And we ate ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.
  • Went to Barnes & Noble with Ella. She played with the trainset while I read books on photography. It was good to be alone with her for a while. Watching her play and interact with other kids was nice.
  • I think we had our biggest Sunday yet at The Orchard yesterday. 180 folks and then a handful of kids.

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  1. g

    Glad you an E had a B & N trip. It is very important for children to have one-on-one time with their parents, if not every day, several times a week. I don’t know how / if huge families manage to do this.

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