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Addie and Ella :: What’s The News? [ep1]

Okay, I’ve been late with this. The girls recorded this a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve been lax at getting it ready to upload. So here it is. (And they’ve got one more ready for me to edit as well.)

Forgive the hum you hear. I’ll take care of that next time.

If you want to leave a question for them, put it in the comments.

Addie and Ella :: Part II

Here’s the second part of the news show from a few days ago. This time they tackle sin, grandparents, lying to parents, and books.

And sadly the memory card had gotten full, and things ended too soon. But they still had a good time with it.

Addie and Ella’s Newscast

Ever since Addie got a mp3 player with a voice recorder she’s played around with making her own “news podcast” as she calls it. She would invite her sister to do the news with her. They’d have fun with it, making up silly things while we were on a road trip. They’d sit next to each other in the van and record themselves, then listen back through together and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

This weekend I discovered them making their first video newscast. I have to admit that I have laughed more at this the past few days than I ever would have expected. The following video is about the first half of their first newscast. They said they’ll probably make more in the future.

Haircuts: Before and after

The girls have both had long hair. Addie got a good cut one time and it looked cute, but Ella never has short hair except for when she was really young. I think it was in response to me and Bev trying to give her haircuts early on in her life. We butchered it. Many times. So our goal was to let hers grow out. But even though it was “long”, it wasn’t all the same length. It needed some evening up badly, so we took it from about middle of her back to up around her chin. When we were making her appointment Addie wanted hers cut as well. So here’s the before and after pics.



Also, Addison took a page out of my book and decided to shoot some video of the process. So she helped me edit it down to what you can see below.

Last week in bullets

Here is a recap of last week in bullets:

  • All three kids had croup. I don’t know why it’s called the croup. But whatever you call it, it usually means not a lot of sleep for the parents.
  • Halloween happened. For the night we went to the courthouse lawn where there were lots and lots of booths and games set up for the kids to play and get candy. I was impressed. The candy wasn’t excellent, but it was a great community event.
  • There was a lady there who was at least 11 months pregnant there who had on a halter top and then painted her belly to look like a HUGE jack-o-lantern. It was impressive and gross at the same time.
  • Afterward we went to UM to the physics department. They had Spooky Demonstrations. And I got to dip my hand in liquid nitrogen. Interesting. And we ate ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.
  • Went to Barnes & Noble with Ella. She played with the trainset while I read books on photography. It was good to be alone with her for a while. Watching her play and interact with other kids was nice.
  • I think we had our biggest Sunday yet at The Orchard yesterday. 180 folks and then a handful of kids.
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