Like I was saying....

Late July Bullet List

It’s time for another bullet list:

  • Yesterday I was trying to decide whether to go swimming. And then it rained. Decision made.
  • We needed the rain BADLY. Our backyard had yellow grass.
  • We shopped for school supplies last night. How is it that WalMart was basically out of pencils?
  • I like the way my new Canon 40D feels in my hands. But I have no lens. The catalytic converter is jacked up on my Tahoe. Which comes first?
  • If you’ve not see The Dark Night by now, then you’re jacked up too.
  • I think FoxTrot might be my favorite comic strip ever. Too bad Bill Amend only does it on a weekend basis now.
  • I’m really starting to dig again. Lots of good music out there.
  • Things are about to shift gears in a fairly large way I think at church. Looking forward to the (hot) fall semester.
  • The Wife and I are blazing through The Office. I think she laughs more than I do now.
  • Netflix has a distro center in Memphis. That means I can get a 2 day turn around on The Office DVD’s. Suh-weet!
  • The Olympics are near. Very near. I’m excited. And China has a home field advantage. We must prevail.
  • If the U.S. didn’t win. I’d want Costa Rica or Australia to win I think.
  • College Football is very near too. I’d probably watch college football over The Olympics. Tough call depending on the game and the event.


  1. Debby

    cat con first, lens 99th

  2. Blake

    The thing is, I’m wanting to sell the Hoe. So don’t want to put in the $$$$ to get it fixed before selling it anyhow.

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