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Lazy Sunday afternoon

All is quiet around the house right now. The Wife is at the gym. And both girls are taking an afternoon nap. I’ve reviewed what we’re going over tonight for Youth (first chapter of Daniel) and now I’m just wondering what all needs to be done or changed or attended to.

  • Our front door is always locked from the outside. Whether it is in the locked postion or not, it’s locked. I need to try and fix that.
  • Pay on a bill from where my daughter smacked her head on our tile floor and had to get a CT Scan. It hurt her a lot. And the bill will sting too.
  • Put up the last part of the swingset in the back yard. We got it last year. It said, “Build and Play in One Day!” They were very bad liars.
  • Read some books and not pick up more. I need to focus on about 3 book or so, and not try to read 18 at once.
  • Reconnect to some people. It’s not a “relationships gone bad” sort of thing. Just friendships that have gone unattended and need to be fertalized again.


  1. Rick

    I’m there on “what needs to be fixed” – I fixed the light switch in the bathroom last weekend, along with the kids’ upstairs toilet. Don’t you love toilet fixing? I never figured that into the possible-future-daddy-chores.

  2. j-dub


    remember when i was on your blog roll and my daughter tried to poke out your daughter’s eye. Afterwards we snuck into the National Youth Workers Convention. That was the last time i saw you… 5 years ago?

    but, alas, you still da’ man! (it might help if i was still a blogger)

  3. Blake

    What about fixing your inlaw’s toilet, Rick? Never figured on that one either!

    j-dub, I didn’t have to sneak in. It was you who snuck in!

  4. j-dub

    oh… yeah…. how sad is that… i stole service from a christian organization trying to help me become a better christian minister… i guess thats why i’m not in ministry on that level any more…

    i suck. 😛

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