Last night I was going over somethings on the internet and came across some really, really old stuff. Some of my blog when I first started it back in 2003.  I was like, “Wow, four years almost.” Of course I’ve had my times to take off here and there. But it was good to go back and re-read a lot of that old stuff. Makes me wish I’d blogged more way back then so I could get a glimps of exactly what I was thinking and doing.

Also makes me wish I could recapture  some of that. I didn’t type w/ a perceived “it has to be this way so whoever will like it”. I just typed. But for some reason, I think I’ve inadvertently allowed that to happen. Like I think it’s gotta be impressive or impactful. But it doesn’t. It’s just gotta be me.

I also used to be at a different domain name. And for whatever reasons….that old domain name calls back to me sometimes. And I can’t help but think of what it might be like to move things back to Any value in that? Either one that is better? Or is it just ‘pick a place and make it your home!”?