So here I am. I´ve been to the internet cafe here a few times but have not been able to find the time to post what´s really going on. It seems most of my time has been on the email circuit or answering PM´s from MST. I´ve not even looked at those tonight and probably will run out of time. Life is so full. But here´s an ultra quick recap of the last few days

  • Went to the airport with no sleep at all. Slept probably about 15 minutes on the plane once. The Wife beside me slept a lot. I was pinned in and couldn’t try to get comfortable for my own rest. But I sacrifice my rest for her any day.
  • We arrive and quickly load up on a bus. Everyone has their stuff except Bob, the pastor. Turns out his luggage went to Utah. He had a firefighter´s luggage. How funny.
  • It´s hot and there´s no AC. I kinda like it, but don´t want it always.
  • We are going to put the trusses up on the top of the church. But we gotta paint a whole lot of metal. And then flip it and paint some more.
  • I hate to paint.
  • So we paint more and more and more.
  • We sleep a little, then paint more, and then sweat.
  • No, that´s wrong. We sweat no matter what we do unless we´re in the internet cafe.

That´s the life here so far. Eat, sleep, paint, play w/ Costa Rican kids, go to extra long church services in HOT rooms w/ lots of people and no AC.

I´ll try to give a more precise update tomorrow. Bomitada Fest should happen in the next couple of days. Here are a few pics to tide you over.