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LOST Finale

So…this totally flipped everything upside down, didn’t it? I mean, after Season One and Season Two…you didn’t have all the answers, but you knew where things were pointed. At this point, we don’t know where and the world this is headed. And probably not ever going to be the same again.

It wasn’t just questions that this finale raised, but overall direction of the entire series. And although these are strong words, I might have to say that Wednesday night’s two hours of LOST was quite possibly the best two hours of television I’ve ever seen.

That said, here are some questions I’m wanting answers to:

  • Who was in the coffin?
  • Is Christian Sheppard still alive?
  • Is Patchy really dead this time?
  • Who is Naomi working with?
  • Is Kate pregnant?
  • Who all left the island?
  • Why did Jack say to Kate “I can’t keep lying.”? What is he lying about?
  • Why is Locke so stupid?
  • Is Charlie really dead?
  • And where can I get one of those Golden Passes to use on the airlines?

As great as LOST was the other night, the eight month wait is going to seem like a few years.  Just plain…wow.

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  1. g

    Dang! I meant to watch that!

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