Tonight is the season finale of LOST. It’s a 2 hour event. So that means that I’ll have to record it from 8 til 10, then stay up until midnight watching it. The Wife will try to convince me to come to bed and finish it tomorrow. But, c’mon, Honey! This is the season finale! And JJ Abrams has promised to blow everyone away.

I think LOST might actually be one of the best television shows ever. There have been a few times I wondered if it was starting to jump the shark. But no jumpage just yet. It has a great team of writers, a phenomenal following with all the online fan sites and theories. And some great Podcasts.

Here’s what I’m hoping to find out tonight:

  • Is there an underwater hatch?
  • Is Walt taller?
  • Will Michael get smacked around some? (I hope he does. Maybe by Hurley. He anoys me. But his son was stolen, so I should be sympathetic, right?)
  • Where has Desmond been?
  • Was Desmond married or somehow connected to Libby?
  • What happens when the button is not pushed?
  • Was the plane crashed on purpose?
  • Is Jack a brother to Claire?

Those are just a few.