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Timberlake – Fallon – and History of Rap

I saw this from a friend last night on twitter. I figured I’d give it a look. Jimmy Fallon sometimes seems a little forced in his comedy, but I usually end up liking the guy when I watch him. But it seems that almost anything that Justin Timberlake does these days is gold (but I’m not sure anything beats his “Bring it on down to Omeletville” skit on SNL .

But JT was on Fallon’s show and they presented a little history of rap. Enjoy:

Did you recognize each of the songs? Seems it would have been pretty cool to have been in the audience for this show, huh?

Tomorrow’s Tupelo Gumtree 10K Run

Tomorrow will mark eleven years that Bev and I ran the Gumtree Run together. A few of my buddies and one of her girl friends did as well. Then later that day Bev and I got married.

That’s right, we actually ran a 10k race the morning of our wedding. And four of my groomsmen and one of her bridesmaids. And so did the guy who ran sound at our wedding. It was pretty crazy. Bev finished first out of all of us. And I finished last. But I can say that my mind was on other things, maybe.

But we will go and celebrate our 11th Anniversary tomorrow with another Gumtree run. And just as before, she’ll finish before me. WAY before me. But that’s ok.

And maybe I’ll video this one as well.



So yeah, today is birthday #3 for my youngest. She woke up today trying to convince her sister that tomorrow is her birthday. But now that she’s up and all, she’s all keen to the idea. No big plans yet. I think we’ll go out to eat tonight and let her get stuffed on some ice cream. I’m wondering if I should try to leverage my own restaurant choices in this endeavor or end up at Chick-Fil-A?

But those of you who know me already know some of Ella’s story of how she came into the world. It was drama for sure. It all involved the doctor wanting to induce, us wanting to wait, a little bit of fear, then two days past due date, and a mad-mad-mad rush to the hospital that has some very crazy timing. Suffice to say we have a story that we can tell for years to come.

I did some digging and decided to include the old story here for you to read…. Continue reading

Night Run

I’m trying to upload a picture of a new site I just found. It’s called It uses Google Maps where you plot the course of a run, then it will tell you the exact distance. Pretty cool.

I was through with food and tv for the night and realized I’d been putting off the run I meant to do yesterday. So I decided to go for a night run. Running at night is my favorite time to go running anyhow. But tonight was the best in a loooooong while. I actually had fun on this run instead of just trying to finish. Almost took  me back to some summer night runs when working at Lake Stephens or Ozark. I was probably in the best shape of my life back then.

So there is my route. 2.54 miles. In just under 25 minutes. Not good, but not bad.

A year ago tonight

It was a crazy time. November 16 was my wife’s due date for our 2nd child. We still didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl. But we were concerned. The doctors made us that way. Apparently at our previous sonogram the baby appeared to weigh a certain poundage and all. Of course these things have a margin of error in them. But she went back a couple of days before her due date and had another sonogram. The doctor said that the baby didn’t seem to have grown any since the last sonogram and that he was a touch worried.

So she has an appointment on her due date. For some reason, I can’t make it that day. I honestly think it might have been the first doctor visit I’d missed in both pregnancies. But I remember being at a tshirt printers when my phone rang. It rang as I was shaking his hand and telling the owner goodbye. I didn’t recognize the number and knew it wasn’t my wife’s number, so I didn’t get it. I say “Thanks, talk to you soon,” to the owner and walk myself and my 3 year old to the car.

Phone rings again….same number.

It’s my wife. “Why didn’t you answer?” No reply would be sufficient. So I just tried to figure out what she needed and listen to her. But no information was forthcoming. She was still at the doctor’s office and seemed bothered by something. But she wouldn’t say anything. Just that she’d call me back soon or just talk to me when she got home. I was thinking she’d be home soon.

So I make it home. Wait a little while. Then I call her up at the office. They transfer my call to her room, but she’s still really guarded w/ her comments and says we’ll talk later. So I start to get worried.

She finally comes home. Pulls into the carport, but doesn’t get out of the car. I wait a little bit (that seemed like a looooong bit) and then go outside. She’s there in the driver’s seat crying. I’m at a loss. The worst thoughts flood my mind. I honestly thought she’d lost the baby. I was thinking, “So how do we get it out now?” She wouldn’t look up or acknowlege me. Just weep in her hands. Addie asks why her mom’s crying, and I have no answer…

But she finally opens the car, comes inside and says that the doctor was strongly encouraging going ahead and inducing labor that afternoon or night. He was really concerned because there was still no discernible gain in size/weight of the baby. But the baby seemed to score a perfect 4/4 on the test they run. It measures movement, heart rate, amniotic fluid and something else that I forget. But my wife and I really don’t want to induce labor unless there’s an obvious danger to the baby or her.

We decide to give it until the next day. We pray a lot and I get my friends to pray a lot. My old blog had a lot of people praying for the baby too. (I had a lot more readers before I changed domains…hmmm.) Bev said she felt some tightness that might have contractions during the night, but really began to feel them the next morning.

[More to come tomorrow]

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