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Timberlake – Fallon – and History of Rap

I saw this from a friend last night on twitter. I figured I’d give it a look. Jimmy Fallon sometimes seems a little forced in his comedy, but I usually end up liking the guy when I watch him. But it seems that almost anything that Justin Timberlake does these days is gold (but I’m not sure anything beats his “Bring it on down to Omeletville” skit on SNL .

But JT was on Fallon’s show and they presented a little history of rap. Enjoy:

Did you recognize each of the songs? Seems it would have been pretty cool to have been in the audience for this show, huh?

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  1. Jennifer

    That was a-mazing. Thanks for sharing! Lots of memories of dances at the Amory community center! Ha!
    My recent post Os New Life

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