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Night Run

I’m trying to upload a picture of a new site I just found. It’s called It uses Google Maps where you plot the course of a run, then it will tell you the exact distance. Pretty cool.

I was through with food and tv for the night and realized I’d been putting off the run I meant to do yesterday. So I decided to go for a night run. Running at night is my favorite time to go running anyhow. But tonight was the best in a loooooong while. I actually had fun on this run instead of just trying to finish. Almost took  me back to some summer night runs when working at Lake Stephens or Ozark. I was probably in the best shape of my life back then.

So there is my route. 2.54 miles. In just under 25 minutes. Not good, but not bad.


  1. kevin

    I need a service that will tak my map, let me select milage, and give me optional routes that hit it.

  2. Blake

    If you find the site that does that, make sure you let me know about it! But right now, my milage isn’t large enough to have a lot of variety anyhow.

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