Like I was saying....

Mental Blogging

I figured out last night that if I could create some device that allowed me to blog from my bed at night by merely thinking the words/paragraphs as I lay on my pillow…I’d have a blog with loads and loads of content.

But I don’t. So I have to find time to actually sit down and type. But it’s hard to do that when I don’t actually have a desk to sit in. So I either have to lay flat on the ground (belly) or sit/lean against the wall and turn my head sideways when I type. Neither are perfect.

Much love…..


  1. kevin

    I /so/ want one of those!

    Until then, I think I’m going to get a digital voice recorder – one with USB so I can transfer it to the computer. That’s probably easier for me as a single guy, though. Your wife might not appreciate you giving dictation at 3am.

  2. rick

    you’re like me, with laziness reaching an incredible new high.

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