Seems that when I get in bed at night and everything is quiet, I begin to think of things that need to get done and things that I should have done already and things that I wish would change in my life. It’s quite a wide variety of things. Everything from I wish my daughter would whine less to I wish I had more of a hunger for reading God’s word to I wish my back never felt stiff. Not bad things at all. But I find myself starting to talk to God about these things and I’m saying, “God, here’s a few things I need from you…” and then sometimes I actually start giving him my grocery list.

But what is it that I really need from God? I think it’s that I need more of Him. Not just to help finish some project I’m behind on or ideas for new projects or a greater realization of huge truths around me, but Him. Him and only Him.

But why are the most simple things sometimes the hardest to live?