Like I was saying....

Middle of the weekend

The weekend’s been busy so far. I guess the holiday season is upon us.

We went to some soccer games last night to see some of the kids from the youth group play. We left early enough for my wife to get to tape her new favorite television show. We (she) also did some prep work for some paiting we need to do. We got back, watched television a little, then went to bed.

I got up and went to the church to get some stuff done for tomorrow’s Lunch/Fundraiser. Then back home to paint, now watching football. LSU is beating UMiss by 3 (17-14) and I’m hoping they can hold on. That’s so bad of me, huh? Not really.

We’re about to go to a high school beauty review in a few minutes. We’ll see how that goes. I’m afraid it might run a little late. But tomorrow will be a busy day too.


  1. rick

    we just got beat – clemson 63, usc 17 – by the guy who's probably going to be y'all's next coach at miss. st. yucky night, but weather was nice 🙂

  2. Shane Yancey

    I hate that you guys lost. I am a Auburn grad and never liked LSU, but I have always liked he Mannings. Maybe the stars will align just right and LSU can play in the title game though. It would be nice to have a SEC win again.

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