Like I was saying....

Getting back in the swing…

I know it seems I make empty promises. How many times have I told you that I’m going to be consistent and regular with some posts. But then I go into a “stale blog” period and most stuff disappears from my front page because I’ve not posted in nearly two weeks worth.

Well I get an email today from a guy telling me he’s putting a link to my blog in his blog’s sidebar. His blog is called The Happy Husband and looks to be interesting. I’m going to spend a little time checking it out. But here’s an except from a post of his where he comments on my blog:

StateDog is a more traditional-format blog, serving as a place for blogger Blake to write about whatever comes into his head. I don’t usually care much for sites like this as they usually seem to be directed at close friends and family members. But Blake often has something worth sharing with the world, sometimes even about marriage and family issues.

So maybe there is some hope that there are more than 4 readers out there! The holidays look to be busy, but if I’m smart (am I?) then I’d know that means more blogging material.

See you in a little while…


  1. Steve

    Dude, I agree with this guy. He put that very nicely. You write about some good thought-provinking stuff and you are missed by many of us when you don't post. I actually check this site about three times a day to read your writings. That's not said to pressure you but to encourage you. Keep up the good stuff bro. It means something to the rest of us.

  2. Steve

    That last comment should read "thought-provoking" instead of thought provinking. Sorry.

  3. rick

    I agree – very thought provinking 🙂 – good to read that other football fans struggle with kids, too.

  4. Rhonda

    I am still reading even if I can't come up with clever comments to leave here. :o)

  5. jeremy

    i read cause i have to.

  6. Curt (The Happy Husb

    I read because the first post I saw here (found you Oct. 16 on blogs4God) was a touching piece of reminiscence about your daughter and I thought, Here's a guy who really, truly loves and adores his family. This site is a rare oasis of positive attitudes in a mostly embittered blogosphere.

  7. Blake

    Well, thanks to everone for the encouragement. I did consider just dropping the blog. But it seems that there are actually a few people who check now and then. Enjoy the holidays…

  8. jeremy

    you can't drop the blog… i won't allow it… you forced me into blogging, so now you can't leave until we are both ready to leave.

  9. John

    Yes, I agree with can't stop blogging now! Who else will I read that will watch Survivor with me! Seriously, you are an encouragement. Good job with your daughter by the way, from the post above. I will have to remember that tidbit of wisdom. See, you are providing us with serious ministry to dads!!

  10. Sally's friend

    I so enjoy and hope for its continued success. The mental picture of Addy stuck in the railing brought a smile to my face. Also, and I know Giddy agrees with me here, I miss the FRIDAY FIVE.
    Sally's friend

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