The Wife’s mom had The Kid today (did you get all that?)

We went to Tupelo to pick her up then out for a quick supper. One the way out of town, heading back home we drove past a few used auto dealers. We decided to pull through one lot. The Wife said, “Hey, look at that…there are some keys in the door of that car.”

Sure enough, in the door of probalby an ’02 or ’03 Nissan Altima were the keys. The same thought ran through both of our heads…”If we were the car stealing type….” But we knew better, of course. But then I started thinking, what if I owned this car lot. But I had no clue how to get in touch with the lot owner. So we keep creeping down the rows of cars. Then on the door I saw the “Emergency Number”. I think..this car is probably a $16,000 car or so…and if someone steals it this guy is in deep you know what.

So I call and get his 7 year old daughter on the phone. She gets him on the phone and I tell him I’m in his lot looking at SUV’s and there’s a Nissan here with the keys in the door. He asks me to lock it up and put the keys on top of the Coke machine. I say “Yessir” and he says thanks and hangs up. Conversation over.

So now I’m expecting one of two phone calls. One, he looks at his caller ID and returns my call and says, “Since you saved me a full car being stolen off of my lot, I’m going to sell you any SUV I own for less than what I paid for it. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you!” Either that call or one from the Police Dept saying they found my finger prints on the door handle, lock and keys of a stolen car and they want me to come to the station for some more questions….