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The Wife and I were in the car driving yesterday and talking about our priorities in our lives. Seems we both haven’t felt quite so close to God lately. I told her that my priorties in life haven’t been set well. It’s not that one unimportant thing has taken priorty over all the other important thing, but that nothing is priorty. They seem to change with the hour. Depends on my mood, where I am, what I want to do or have been doing.

It’s kinda funny that we talked about it because I’d had a horrible night the night before and just laid in bed yearning for sleep. So I started talking with God some. I realized my priorites were all out of whack. So I’m going to be spending a little time trying to get things set in place. I know where they should be, but they’re not solidly there yet.

They should be:
1. Follower of Christ
2. Husband/Dad
3. Minister to Youth
4. Student
5. New Biz Planner (or trying to learn it right now)


  1. rick

    all of us have been there, and often all of us need to revisit, too. thanks for sharing, blake. one thing that comes in handy when i go back like that – there's really only one priority. if your list were re-done, it could be: 1) follower of Christ, 1a) Husband/Dad, 1b)Minister… that number one thing needs to be so infused in the other "definitions" of who you are.

    peace 🙂

  2. Blake

    Very true. I don't want to try to compartmentalize my life to where I keep Jesus over here in this box…then have my family life, my work life, my school work, my fun times, etc. My Lord and Savior needs to be in ALL areas of my life.

    Great point.

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