Like I was saying....

My voting experience

Today was my 4th time to vote for president. Same thing every time. Walk in, say your name, sign your name, get your sheet and go stand in the booth. Mark your marks then slip it in the box.

There were no people outside harrassing me. No one to influence my voting. No one taking my picture or offering me a ride or popping my tires.

Oh well.


  1. Bob

    You sound so upset… LOL!

  2. kevin

    My 4th time, as well. Also the 4th time I voted by absentee ballot. In fact, I have never in my life voted in any election in a ballot booth. I have always used an absentee ballot. I love it! No waiting in line, no having to worry about my schedule on election day, and no dealing with those people trying to push their platform up to the last moment.

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