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NBA Conspiracy???

The Wife was sure Detroit would win Game 3 of the Finals. To “stretch it out”. So I asked her about tonights game. L.A. of course. She’s of the mind that the NBA knows that the more games they play, the more $$$ they make, so the league will try to stretch it out as long as they can.

Well, Dear, Detroit didn’t get the memo tonight. I really don’t like either team. But for some odd reason I was pulling for the Lakers. I sorta like Kobe even though he’s been in a heap of trouble lately. Never been a shack fan, but I respect him. But I think I was for the Lakers after they beat the Spurs…never been a Spurs fan.

So the question now is, will the NBA let L.A. win the next one so they can play at least one game in The Staples Center?

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  1. David Stern is a jew

    1993 seattle vs. phoenix, watch the tape and swallow the lies

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