Like I was saying....

Nearly Over

This Disciple Now weekend has been pretty good so far. And it’s nearly over.

I’ve not posted in the last couple of days because my time has been precious. But to be honest, the last three days, running full fledge with Disciple Now, do not hold a candle with Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Those had to have been the two craziest days of my working life, it seems. I promise, the phone rang for me every 10 minutes at least. Sometimes I’d get off the phone and get a message that I needed to return another phone call. It was nuts.

But the weekend has been a blast. All that’s left is church in the morning with lunch afterwards. The speaker has been pretty good, but there’ve been a few things that have caused a touch of concern here and there. I’ll touch on those more later when I feel like typing longer. But I think the heart of all of his messages have been solid and beneficial. But to me, the heart of a Disciple Now weekend is what goes on in the small groups in the homes. The other churches we do Disciple Now with get their small group leaders from the BSU at Mississippi State. I always get folks I know personally. And I sometimes get folks who are members of my own church. College kids who are alumni of our youth group. Some people might think that is not such a good idea. But I think in my case there’s nothing wrong with it. It can be a positive thing, even.

I think it allows the kids to see someone who’s been where they are…I mean specifically where they are: same school, same teachers, same town, same things to do on the weekends, same church. And now these young adults are committed Christians with a passion to serve Jesus and share Him with Junior and Senior High students (or basically anyone). Something I hope my current students end up doing as well.

Hopefully I’ll carve out some intentional time in each of the next few days to talk a little more about Disciple Now, some other goings on I’m a part of (applying for seminary – hoping for a quick enrollment), and some goofy stuff too. But it’s past time for bed, and I was up late last night. And early service comes quite early in the morning.

Thanks to anyone who prayed for our weekend. Many, many thanks.

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  1. Steve

    C'mon Dude! I'm waiting to hear the rest about the weekend. Waiting with baited breath. Don't leave us hangin'!

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