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DNow in review

It was a good weekend overall, like I said. I had four great small group leaders that connected well with my kids. I think that’s the most important part of the weekend. I guess we spend the most money on the speaker and worship leader, but I think those guys just set the stage, so to speak, for what goes on in the small groups back at the homes.

As I said, there were a few concerns with the speaker. I think he did a pretty okay job. But sometimes he added stuff to his talks that were really unnecessary. Two major instances stand out. Once, he was talking about being passionate for Christ. Talking about what passion is. He says, “You know what I’m going to do first thing when I get home after this weekend? I’m not going to bring my luggage in and sit down and talk with my wife. I am going to come in, give her a big kiss, and then I’m going to make love to my wife.” Um, let’s just say I thought that was a little too far. Maybe a good point. Definitely a bad visual.

The last night, he was trying to paint a word picture of God giving Christ, His Son, as a sacrifice for all of our sins. Explaining propitiation. I think it occurred to him at the last second. But he calls my wife up from the back of the room asks her to bring our daughter up there as well. He asks The Wife to show The Kid to the room. It was like a scene from the Lion King or something. Everyone does the obligatory, “Awwww.” Then he calls me up as well. Anyway, he begins to tell a story of me coming home and seeing The Wife brutally killed before my eyes. Then the Prez calls me and asks me how this situation would be resolved. Someone has to pay for the wrong, but it’s up to me to decide. Then, in striking detail, the speaker describes me taking The Kid with me to Washington D.C. to do something about it. The Prez said that it’s up to me but “someone has to pay for this wrong.” And I fill a syringe with some kind of poison or another and instead of poking it in the killer, I inject it into my pure, innocent daughter and take her life instead of the life of the killer.

Well….I see his point. But I don’t think it’s an entirely accurate analogy. Christ died willingly for our sins, The Kid would have been a participant forced to comply (in that situation). Plus, she wouldn’t have know what was going on. But I see the point he was trying to make. Let’s just say that all the students in the room who knew me, The Wife, and The Kid were really offended. He got pretty bad reviews after that.

BUT…it sure gave the small groups something to talk about when they got back home!


  1. giddy

    It offended me to read of the speaker's graphic "word picture" of propitiation, however analogous. Heavy handed?!!

  2. John Carnes

    Blake, sounds like that guy is really green. I remember one time in youth group when I was a teen, my youth pastor told us that "you think my wife stays in another room and when I *want* her I ring a bell, you're crazy. I make love to her whenever I want!" The bad thing was, she was in the room! (I would place money that he didn't get any that night!) But it was one of those really awkward offensive nights. Glad you are there to balance out things!

  3. Sally's friend

    Let me just tell you…I have seen alot of wild things in my years of working with kids, but wow, that was one of the most troubling things I've ever been apart of. As I sat in that room amongst teenagers that I really love, I will tell you that you could have cut the tension with a knife when this guy talked about "driving a needle" into THE KID's neck. Giddy, be thankful you weren't there. You might have had to do something. STATE DOG, again, I thought you handled yourself in an exceptional manner, as you always seem to do. As one of the small group leaders STATE DOG was referring to, let me tell you it was an exceptional, incredible weekend. Thanks again STATE DOG.
    Sally's friend

  4. giddy

    A day after reading this entry, I am still appalled by the speaker's "analogy"!

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