It’s nearly 1am and I’m not tired. But I should be. And I will be.

Tonight was another Jr High Dance up at the church. Seems the all the jr high kids want to “crank that soulja boy” over and over. They can do it with attitude too. But after a dance, with the take down and clean up, I come home and catch up on some football scores.

Tomorrow will start early. Addison’s got 2 soccer games, with the first one at 8am. Should be cool and wet at that time, huh? We may head up to Starkville after lunch to watch some Bulldog football. Should be an easy win for us, right? I mean, Gardner-Webb. But the Dogs should be 3-1 after tomorrow. When is the last time we could say that?

So if we go, that means not much sleep tonight. Not much tomorrow night. Then a full day w/ the church stuff. I’ll catch up on Monday!